San Francisco, Nayarit

november 2018

Life near the ocean > life far from the ocean.

Life with agave > life without agave.

We escaped the treacherous tourist traps (and seriously painful bikini waxes) of Sayulita to discover a smaller town up the coast known as San Francisco/San Pancho. There weren't enough hours in the day to sample the mighty fine flavors of this town. The tacos were laced with addictive toppings fit for a queen. THE BEST tacos were probably from "EL Tal - Ivan". Delicious trompo-style al pastor taquitos with the perfect char-juiciness ratio. Another sweet little spot for tacos was "Taqueria Los Arbolitos". There were about 5 women prepping and making all the food from scratch, including all the **mega spicy** tasty sauces, tortillas & toppings. Most definitely makes you wanna have aunts like them so you can eat their food at every single family reunion.

Last but not least was this one spot (we don't even remember it having a name) that had the BEST QUESADILLAS HANDS-DOWN! Do yourself a favor and get to the convenience store Super Kiosko on the corner between Av. Tercer Mundo & Asia St. and get yourself a 40 of ice-cold Victoria. Keep walking down Asia St. towards Egipto St. and if you're lucky enough, you'll find a woman running a little lunch stand on the left side of the road. Main clientele consist of construction workers, which is always a great sign! There's usually a hefty daily lunch special that can knock you out (especially on a 40º C weather) but dang you MUST try the nopal quesadillas as you sip on that cold barley elixir (you'll be thanking us for the beer purchase advice) sitting on the stoop and thinking about early retirement in the tropics.


legends of las paletas …



fruta mezclada


plátano asado

mango de chile

We’re still trying to figure out how to replicate those guanábana paletas .. but some things can simply not be messed with. The quality and thoughtfulness behind both street food and sit-down dining food is something we admire and learn from.

We heard tales of the MILK + TEQUILA SHOT + SUGAR + COCOA POWDER drink aka "PAJARETES" and how this is the way local farmers start their day, talk about some serious latte inspiration, golden milk is OUT, pajaretes are IN. Failed attempts to find these noble gentlemen may have left us empty handed (and thirsty) this trip, but there is always next year when we find a #sponsor and make dreams come true…



-Loncheria Uno Mas: Banging freshly squeezed juices

-Restaurant Emiliano: More of a sit-down spot with traditional dishes **must try the mole and caldo de res**