It started in San Francisco in 2015. After meeting through mutual friends, Isabella and Kenzie’s passion for cooking, sharing food (and mezcal) and being outdoors soon brought them closer together. Their curiosity for different cultures and ingredients resulted in an unexpected yet successful partnership, coordinating dinner parties and hosting food events by the ocean. 

"Yo También" is an inclusive response-feeling-statement that is always present in what they do and the way they share with other people and each other. They work closely with farms in California (such as Full Belly Farm) and cook with organic and local produce. Their food combines traditional flavors of Venezuelan and tropical cuisine with seasonal California ingredients, resulting in a vibrant cooking style that they have come to define as: TROPICAL-LOCAL. They have a strong sense of community and have cultivated close ties with small businesses, collaborating on various projects and partnering with local makers and producers.

The latest and greatest project is the opening of the CANTINA in the Inner Sunset District of SF. 

"YO TAMBIÉN is the result of integrating multiple cultures, connectivity between different generations, and accessibility of food, culture and education for a variety of communities. It represents us, our diverse backgrounds, and our current lifestyle in a place we’re making our home"

photo by  @dawny_cat

photo by @dawny_cat