Montalcino, Italy

october 2017

Let's all close our eyes and find ourselves grazing in the land of pizza ovens, outdoor bathing, and natural prosecco. People talk about that "work/life" balance all the time - DOES THAT EVEN EXIST? Yes, yes it does my friends  -  in MONTALCINO, ITALY.

We had the opportunity to help harvest olives on Katja Meier & Leficari's family olive orchard. After shaking and raking these purple and green fruits off the trees for two days, we took em' straight to the local press and then straight to a PIZZA PARTY where it took every ounce of self restraint not to pour the fresh olio nuovo all over our bodies. We opted for the natural wine free-pour instead, and the results were equally as satisfying. 

Special thanks to this amazing outdoor pizza oven situation and katja, le ficari and raffaella & familia for opening their homes to us. 


Pizza party ingredient list:

+ Pizza dough via

@raffaellacova & 


+ Anchovies

+ Hot peppers

+ Garden tomatoes

+ Vin natural

+ Beautiful neighbors w/ 

more fresh evoo + grappa


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