Ostuni, Italy

october 2017

This country-side farm stay consisted of caper berry hunting, abandoned trulli squats, and a causal dinner party at Georgio Armani's guest house. We cooked up arepas by day and hitch-hiked home from Ceglie Messapica by evening. The local markets were overflowing with fresh herbs and marinating olives, and peoples' front yard gardens were flourishing with persimmons + pomegranates + kale + dandelion greens & kadota figs (we thank the locals for their generous donations).


+ Buy a whole sea bream

+ Eat buckets of fresh 

marinated olives

+ Visit the local hardware

store for pencils

+ Drink an Aperol spritz

anytime after 11am 

+ Pick your neighbors fruit


+ Have some taralli


The Trulli:

A traditional dry stone hut

featuring a conical roof - 

Used as a temporary field

shelter and as tiny abodes

for agricultural workers.

We didn't stay HERE .. but we would if we went back ...

A little bit more about the trulli can be found HERE.

Our man Georgio working on his new project .... link coming soon b/c it's on the DL he's our latest investor