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Cantinas have been popular in Italy, Spain, and Latin countries for centuries. However, each country has their own variation. Italian cantinas predominantly serve traditional Italian foods with wines. Spanish cantinas traditionally have been located in train stations or situated close to a workplace and serve as a place to relax after work. In Mexico, cantinas have been traditionally seen as neighborhood spots where people can drink, eat botanas (appetizers), and play board and card games. 

The Yo También CANTINA is our latests business venture and opportunity to bring a space for the Inner Sunset community to share food, ideas and culture. Our Cantina project will be carrying on the legacy of a current business (called the Wooly Pig Cafe) which is moving on from this location to a larger one in the Dogpatch. The need for a cafe to remain in this space is very evident, and we hope to carry on and build from what Lieng (founder/owner of The Wooly Pig Cafe) & team have created. We are extremely excited to see this project expand as we share and grow in a neighborhood that we love and are inspired by.