San Francisco, Nayarit

november 2018

Paletas y Pajaretes

Life near the ocean > life far from the ocean. Life with agave > life without agave. We escaped the treacherous tourist traps (and seriously painful bikini waxes) of Sayulita to discover a smaller town up the coast that was …


Montalcino, Italy

october 2017


Let's all close our eyes and find ourselves grazing in the land of pizza ovens, outdoor bathing, and natural prosecco. People talk about that "work/life" balance all the time - DOES THAT EVEN EXIST? yes, yes it does my friends  ...


Málaga, Spain

september 2017

PRO TIP: always eat the eyeball

Wish you were here to witness this spectacle of celebrating the lives of all sea creatures and Moorish traditions. Swords on swords of fish that are always devoured with ice cold beers on either side of you - the technique is pure perfection.                  

Ostuni, Italy

october 2017


This country-side farm stay consisted of caper berry hunting, abandoned trulli squats, and a causal dinner party at Georgio Armani's guest house. We cooked up areaps by day and hitch-hiked home from Ceglie Messapica by night ..….



september 2017

Berlengas archipelago

PRO TIPS: Avoid copious amounts of oatmeal approx. one hour before treacherous travel, take a walk to the Fort of São João Baptista side of the island for freshly caught/grilled fish, bring layers & don't sit next to the vomiting victim on the way back, either.


Fire life

Cooking everything over an open flame is no joke when it's 35°C/115°F outside on the farm. Everyone that made this possible (Farmer HandsNipomoEarthen) is so epically talented we wanted to take notes! Thanks to Liz Clark // Nipomo …

San Sebastián

september 2017

48hrs of pintxos

What a time to be alive. shout out to Andrew Henaghan for finding this hillside paradise and dragging our asses up 40 flights of stairs to get here (we drank enough orange wine and cava to drown a small village so good thing we got a bit of cardio in …



november 2017

The nordic arepa

With the help of our best friend Andrew, we set out to not just explore the city of Copenhagen, but also put on a dinner party that brought our favorite things together - sailors sangria, smoked fish, squid ink, corn masa, a raw flower studio …